Microsoft is set to roll-out an incremental update to Windows Phone 8 in the first couple of months of 2013, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Dubbed Apollo+, the update will add a few new features, as well as tweak a couple of bugs found in Windows Phone 8.

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The Apollo+ moniker comes from the original codename for Windows Phone 8, which was called Apollo.

Football4PDA, a Twitter account which accurately leaked pictures of the HTC 8X, claims: "MS is going to roll out update for WP8 which is called Apollo+ in Q1 2013..."

Although the Twitter account details little else, The Verge is reporting that those feature updates will be VPN support for Windows Phone - something that has been missing to date - and a fix for the Wi-Fi connection issue some are experiencing. which will ensure the Wi-Fi connection is always on if that's what you want. Other improvements are rumoured to include enhancing the audio capabilities of the OS.

With Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile phone and devices exhibition in the yearly calendar, set for late February, we would expect to hear and see more on Apollo+ then.

We'll keep you posted.