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(Pocket-lint) - A document purporting to detail more about what features will make it in to Windows Phone 7.8 has leaked on the internet, giving current Windows Phone users something to look forward to.

According to the leaked Nokia document from China, aside from getting the new start screen as featured in Windows Phone 8, users who upgrade their Lumia 800 - for example - will also get enhancements to the IE9 browser, although sadly they won't be getting IE10.

Other new additions are expected to include more colour themes, support for editing MP3 files on the phone for users to create new ringtones, and access to the Windows Phone 8 Lock screen feature that lets users change their wallpaper with new pictures through apps.

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Nokia also seems to bring its own improvements to the table with updated apps such as Contacts Transfer as well as the much more interesting feature of sharing files via Bluetooth.

Microsoft hasn't as yet given an official timetable for the rollout of Windows Phone 7.8, stating only that it would be after the dust had settled on Windows Phone 8. That's led some to believe that it won't be until early 2013.

Windows Phone 7.8 will only be available to a number of legacy handsets as all new Windows Phone devices launching currently - including the Nokia Lumia 820, Lumia 920, and HTC 8X and 8S - come with Windows Phone 8 pre-installed. 

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Writing by Stuart Miles.