A leaked image showing a curved virtual keyboard has emerged that suggests Windows Phone 8 could be implementing a better way of typing one handed.

The image is allegedly from a Microsoft Research presentation and shows a keyboard arching itself across the display of an HTC Trophy handset. WMPoweruser.com says the keyboard enables users to reach the alphanumeric panels more easily when texting one-handed.

In addition the keyboard will help remember what words are being typed, depending on how you hit the keys, to help create a more accurate but faster typing method. It won’t just be Western keyboards that will be getting the curve treatment either, with WMPoweruser also revealing a Korean design. The site is even speculating that the arc keyboard could debut on Windows Phone 7.8.

windows phone 8 to get arched keyboard for better one handed texting image 3

We’ll reserve judgment until we’ve tried it for ourselves, but the theory appeals. Typos are all too common when trying to text one-handed, particularly with devices with larger displays.

Windows Phone 8 is set to arrive later this year with Nokia, Samsung, Huawei and HTC all revealing they will have handsets that run the OS.

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