Windows Phone 7 Apollo, the next major update to the mobile operating system, will be coming in Q4 2012, according to a roadmap that website WMPoweruser claims to have got its hands-on.

Detailed in its brief layout are the launch dates and targeted areas for the forthcoming Tango and Apollo updates, with the former now seemingly focused on bringing a Windows Phone experience to cheap, low-end devices. Therefore, Windows Phone 7 users who are looking for a more feature-rich upgrade from Mango (which, itself, only arrived in the tail end of 2011) will have to wait until the end of next year.

According to the roadmap, Microsoft also believes that Apollo will coincide with a better range of handsets. It states that it will be released with "Competitive Smartphones" and that there will be an "Increase in Volume".

The software giant will also be looking to target the business sector in a greater fashion, perhaps fuelled by speculation that Research in Motion and its BlackBerry handset business is under threat. Indeed, there have even been rumours that Microsoft, in partnership with Nokia, was looking to buy RIM outright, but this move would seemingly put an end to such an idea.

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