Microsoft is turning to its users in order to come up with the feature-set on its next operating system, codenamed Apollo, now that Mango has been released.

The new Feature Suggestions page is already gaining plenty of votes with users telling Microsoft what they want added.

Top of the wish list for Windows Phone 7 is for Microsoft to enable all Bing features for non-US countries.

Instant Answers is one such feature of Bing that doesn’t work outside of the United States. It allows users to see movie times, weather, game times, stock quotes, flight times, and more from the search pages.

Other Bing features that don’t work around the world are Local Scout. It currently only works in the US, UK, and France.

The international feel continues with Arabic Language support the second most voted request.

Probably the most important feature that will benefit everyone though is device backup, allowing you to backup a Windows Phone including SMS/MMS, applications, application data and settings.

Currently that isn’t possible and something that those who have changed their WP7 smartphone will agree is a pain.

Users who want to get involved are able to sign up and then get 10 votes to use on promoting their own ideas or voting for others already suggested The idea is that Microsoft will then use these votes and suggestions to make the mobile operating system better in the future.

However a word of warning from Microsoft:

"Please do not send any novel or patentable ideas, samples or demos which you do not want to grant a license to Microsoft."

That implies Microsoft is fully expecting to use these features, if they are any good, and not pay out for the privilege.

The top 10 list (at time of writing) is:

1. Enable all (bing) features for non US-countries

2. Arabic language support

3. Device backup

4. Thai language support (th-TH)

5. Screenshot support

6. Enable USB storage

7. Allow a simple flick upward to close applications in the multitasking view

8. Swiping left from home screen should show list of missed text message notifications

9. Control ringtone and media volume separately

10. Custom sounds for SMS, MMS, Email, Notifications etc

What features do you want added? Let us know in the comments below