Windows Phone 7.5 - aka Windows Mango, aka Microsoft's latest big mobile hope - is to begin rolling out on 15 September, according to the the Windows Phone Dev Podcast team.

This date has been mentioned before, although we're not entirely sure what a 15 September release means. Presumably this will be the date that developers will be given the final tools and that unlocked devices will be able to upgrade. As we know from the incremental NoDo update though, the period of upgrading can differ vastly depending on your phone's manufacturer and your network.

Back in August, a build of Windows Phone 7.5 appeared online, made available on the XDA developers forum. WP7 fans may have been wise to ignore this route though as, back in May, Microsoft confirmed that early updaters, who strayed from the official path for the NoDo update, would not get the latest build on their handsets.

One manufacturer who apparently isn't convinced that a juicy Mango will be enough to save the underachieving OS is Samsung. A dedicated Sammy blog has tweeted to say that the Korean giant will kill off its Windows Phone interest by the end of 2012.

With Bada 2.0 out and about, and the platform already outdoing Microsoft's platform - it isn't too hard to imagine Samsung's focus being purely Android and Bada based.