A build of Windows Phone 7.5, a.k.a. Mango, has appeared online, weeks before it is due to go live officially.

Build 7720 has been made available on the XDA developers forum, but is a reference version that isn't designed specifically with any handset in mind, so might have some interesting issues on board.

That's probably why the forum post comes with the warning: "I take no responsibility for whatever happens to your device."

But, if you want a taste of the Mango pie and cannot wait until 1 September, which is when Pocket-lint has been told the new OS will go live, this is your best bet.

Be warned though that back in May Microsoft confirmed that early updaters, who strayed from the official path for the NoDo update, would not get the latest build on their handsets.

So if you do want to take Mango for a spin - do so on a device that you won't want to stay within the Redmond circle of trust.

If you're too scared, then simply take a look at our guide Windows Phone 7 Mango – new features detailed