The latest mobile phone industry figures released by technology reserach analyst Gartner don't make good reading for Microsoft - it suggests that its smartphone market share for Windows Phone devices in Q2 2011 was just 1.6 per cent.

This is a figure that puts it below Bada on 1.9 per cent. Ouch.

The share is made up of sales of just 1.7 million worldwide in the quarter - a huge 40 million or so behind Android which is the market leader with a share of 43.4 per cent.

An interesting note is that Gartner's report has Symbian down as shipping almost 24 million and iOS just under 20 million. Recent figures from IDC suggested that Apple's Q2 shipments were over the 20 million mark and Nokia's below 17 million.

RIM's market share from Gartner is more or less like-for-like as per the IDC figures; around 12.6 million sales and a share of just under 12 per cent.

windows phone 7 less popular than bada  image 2

But the big news is clearly the Windows Phone 7 slump. Maybe Microsoft fans are waiting for some Mango action before jumping on board.

If that's the case then they haven't got long to wait - on Thursday Pocket-lint exclusively revealed that Windows Phone 7.5 is set to launch on 1 September.

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