It's a little known fact that David and Victoria Beckham's new baby Harper Seven Beckham takes her middle name from her parents' love of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7*.

But whilst Dave and Vicky (as Pocket-lint knows them) are contented with Microsoft's comeback into the mobile arena, many users have been left underwhelmed by the so-called Android and iOS rival.

But non-fanboys and fandroids need not despair because Microsoft is well aware of its shortcomings and has promised a second generation of Windows Phone 7 devices "this Christmas" and made a point of saying this generation would have a heavy Nokia emphasis.

Speaking at the 2011 Imagine Cup finals (a student programming competition) Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer said:

"You know, a year ago we didn't have a phone in the market. Now, we're charging forward with Nokia. We have the second generation of our phones coming out this Christmas, and people are starting to do things they had never imagined before."

Whilst this statement provides nothing new in terms of development, it's the first kind of admission from Microsoft that the original WP7 devices perhaps weren't all they were cracked up to be - and maybe do not live up to their potential.

Ballmer also highlighted the importance of cloud computing across platforms including mobile, saying:

"The cloud is, I think, probably a bigger deal still than most people even in our industry think. When you use the word 'cloud' some people roll their eyes and say, the cloud is the Internet, that's not a big idea. The cloud is bigger than that.

"The cloud will also unlock new ways of writing applications. Today we write applications that know about people that we can enumerate, and know about data sets that we somehow control. And yet in the world of the cloud all of the world's people and all the world's data is somehow out there."

We at Pocket-lint are fans of Windows Phone 7, even if we are a little frustrated by the platform at times. However, with Mango, the Nokia partnership and other manufacturers getting involved with a second generation of Windows Phone 7 devices - the OS could finally start making waves in the mobile market before the year is out.

*This is unproven at this point.