Achim Berg, the corporate vice president of Windows Phone marketing has told Pocket-lint in an informal chat that he has regretted not getting the Windows Phone 7 team to include tethering in the new Mango update detailed on Tuesday. 

The revelation shows that Microsoft still has plenty to do ahead of the scheduled launch later this year.

“It’s been clear today that people want thethering support,” Berg told Pocket-lint after many journalists complained about a lack of Wi-Fi at the London VIP event at Millbank Tower near Westminster.

Had Windows Phone 7 included tethering support in their operating system situations like the London launch event would be adverted in the future.

But it’s not all regrets, Berg’s favourite bit he tells us is the new Bing local scout feature. Bing local scout is a new feature of Windows Phone 7 (Mango) that works out where you are and will tell you what’s good to do, see, as well as where to grab a bite or a drink, something that Berg says that he’s been using quiet a bit already in the UK and the US.

Berg also said that the company will have a Skype app in time for the Autumn release, however didn't go into any further details.

As for the name, Berg wouldn’t let on as to where the Mango name came from or what the official name of the second installment of Windows Phone 7 will be called.

One thing the Microsoft exec did confirm though, is that it won’t be called Windows Phone 7.1.

We will keep you posted.