The most famous bald bonce in tech, that belonging to Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, took to the stage in Japan at Microsoft's Developer Forum (accompanied by the rest of his body, of course) over the weekend - where he stated that the Windows Phone 7 Mango update would bring with it 500 new features.

Now, we already know that Mango will shift WP7 to Windows Phone 7.5, and we already know that it will bring with it multitasking, faster app switching, file transfer and background processing, as well as a brand spanking new browser by the way of IE9.

But of the 490-odd other new features we don't know a great deal. And unfortunately the only footage of Ballmer's presentation looks like it was filmed on a camcorder circa 1989.

He did hint at new OEMs and carriers though - so this could mean some new Windows Phone devices. Woo-hoo.

Pocket-lint has been invited along to a WP7 event on 24 May in London, where Ballmer's statement should start to bear some pome, so be sure to check back for all the juicy details and many more fruit related puns.