Wanna know what's coming up in the Windows Phone 7 (or should that be 7.5?) update, but can't be bothered to waste 58 minutes of your life listening to a load of WP7 developers discussing it?

Then fear not, because we (or rather our pals at WPCentral) have sifted the podcast soil to bring you all the juicy nuggets of mango info.

Firstly, and we think most excitingly, WP7.5 will be packing a raft of new Bing based features including a Shazam like Bing Audio recognition tool, a Google goggles like Bing Vision tool and a Google / Ovi like turn-by-turn navigation function.

Okay, so there's nothing exactly original there - but it's all pretty useful stuff nonetheless.

Also discussed on the developers podcast was an SMS dication tool - handy for those who aren't speedy at typing and presumably don't mind their text messages being packed with misheard words (come on, when has a voice to text feature ever been entirely accurate?).

Not talked about during the podcast, but detailed by WPCentral is the fact that Windows Live Messenger should be integrated within the People hub, which is long overdue.

There's also talk of improved SkyDrive syncing, with Word, Excel and PowerPoint all supported.

Mango is expected to drop in October this year, bringing with it multitasking, faster app switching, file transfer and background processing. It will also include a new browser - IE9 - and is also the major update that Nokia is waiting for before beginning its Windows Phone assault.

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