Does the name Eldar Murtazin ring any bells? Well, it should as Murtazin is the chap who got hands on with the Nokia N8 ages before it hit the shops, foretold that the Motorola Xoom would be the launchpad for Honeycomb and also revealed details of the Microsoft and Nokia partnership days before the companies went official.

We're guessing that the bells are ringing a little louder now then?

But probably not as loud as the bells over in Redmond are. The alarm bells that is. And that's because Murtazin has used his inside info to estimate that only 674,000 Windows Phone 7 devices have been sold.

The figure, believed to be for 2010, is way below what Microsoft would have hoped for and when you consider that there are several WP7 handsets out there - it really is a tiny number.

Murtazin's analysis is completely unconfirmed at present, but he states it is based on unofficial data from both networks and retailers.

Microsoft declared in December that "phone manufacturers sold over 1.5 million phones in the first 6 weeks" but it's now looking likely that the 1.5 million figure referred to the amount of retailers buying devices, rather than users getting the phones in their pockets.

If the 674,000 figure is indeed accurate, then it is clear that Microsoft is not only losing the smartphone battle to Apple and Google - it's on the verge of losing the whole war as well.

Is WP7 just the latest in a long line of Microsoft mobile failures? Give us your thoughts below.