Microsoft has finally got around to pushing out the cut and paste update for its Windows Phone 7 platform on Tuesday.

Called NoDo, the update which has always been tipped for the end of March since Microsoft missed it's last self imposed deadline does little else, however that’s probably the least of your worries. What’s going to be on your mind the most is when you can get it.

While the update is officially rolling out, only a handful of devices have so far got the over the air update. Currently you’ll only get it if you have an unbranded Windows Phone 7 handset.

“The software giant started pushing Windows Phone 7 build 7390 to sim-free, carrier unbranded devices on Tuesday. The update, codenamed “NoDo”, brings a number of bug fixes and features, including copy and paste,” reports before adding everyone’s worst fears: “However, those with carrier branded devices from cell phone providers such as AT&T may have to wait weeks until “NoDo” is available for their device.”

If you're a O2, Orange, or Vodafone customer in the UK you are unlikely to see the update before the end of the week.

Where can you download the new update? Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft will tell you.