Windows Phone 7 fans now have the choice of over 10,000 apps to download from the WP7 Marketplace (10,191, to be precise) - meaning that Microsoft's latest mobile platform reached the 10,000 milestone faster than Android and iOS managed.

And whilst it's easier to clock up a comprehensive app offering nowadays compared to when Google and Apple's platforms were starting out, due to the boom in app-culture, it's still some going from Microsoft who have added apps at a rate of around 465 a week since it hit the 6,000 mark on 12 January. In fact, in the last 2 weeks it has added 1,262 new apps.

The most popular type of app in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace is still games with a 23 per cent share (followed by "Tools" with 14 per cent) and the trial/free/paid-for figures sit as 30 per cent/32 per cent/38 per cent respectively - so there's a nice even split.

It's a strong start for Microsoft's latest foray into the mobile platform arena and, as long as it doesn't cock it up by constantly delaying software updates, it could have come up with a serious last.