You may have read earlier this week on Pocket-lint how the NoGo update for Windows Phone 7 - the one that will bring copy and paste functionality - has been delayed, yet again, and now Microsoft has admitted that there are issues with the update.

Well, we say admitted, they've hidden the mention of any issues within an upbeat blog post that outlines the crazy, and fascinating (honestly) world of software updates.

The blog post is by Eric Hautala who runs "the team responsible for sending software updates with new features and improvements to your phone".

In it, he gives an overview as to how the update procedure works, and also talks about the "success" of the February update, without really ever mentioning any of the specific problems that this update created.

He then states that it is important that Microsoft learns, "all we can from the February update" and says: "I’ve decided to take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners", before confirming the update has been delayed to the latter half of this month.

But we thought you said the February update was a success, Eric?

It's clear that Microsoft is wary of releasing another flawed update, especially with it being a more high profile one, but if the Redmond based tech company isn't careful then Windows Phone 7 is going to get itself a reputation for being a bit of a let down.

And, as big fans of the new phone OS, which has massive potential and is an astronomical improvement on Microsoft's previous Windows Phone platforms - this would be a crying shame.