Windows Phone 7 users will have to wait a bit longer to enter the crazy hi-tech world of cutting and pasting, after Microsoft announced via its French WP7 blog that the NoDo update will not land until the second half of March.

And whilst the confirmation still means that the software revamp will land this month, it's the second time that it has been delayed (it was originally meant to land in February), and it suggests that the update is proving to be more tricky to the Microsoft bods than initially thought.

And Windows Phone 7ers will have every right to be a bit concerned - after all, Microsoft had to pull a WP7 update for Samsung devices last month after it was found to be breaking some Omnia 7 handsets.

When the update does land, it will be available through Zune. You should get a push notification on your device telling you that it's available.

Microsoft is also planning a second major update, codenamed Mango, that should see the OS take the leap to Windows Phone 7.5, by adding an in-browser Silverlight plug-in as well as HTML5 support.

It's expected that the Mango update will also coincide with the arrival of Nokia WP7 handsets, and should land in the Autumn.

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