The Windows Phone 7 Connector app has gone live in the Mac App Store, shaking off its beta shackles and offering you the chance to get your Microsoft devices playing nicely with your Mac.

Windows Phone 7 Connector will (if you want it to) automatically sync with your WP7 handset (or your Zune HD) when connected to your Mac.

It gives you access to both iTunes and iPhoto, and you can sync things without having to go in and select which podcast to sync each time. 

Syncing your music is a case of selecting what you want on your device - you can choose all music, or you can choose from playlists, genre or artist, with the option to expand your artist option to pick albums - very similar to the iPhone method. 

Photo syncing offers you what you have in iPhoto. When you connect your phone and sync it, a new folder of images is created in iPhoto where your content is kept, including your videos. Videos need to stored in iTunes though.  

You'll also be able to use Windows Phone 7 Connector to download and install operating system updates for your WP7 handset.

Grab the app now from the Mac App Store - it's free.