Microsoft will open up the strict manufacturer requirements of its Windows Phone 7 platform, Nokia has confirmed on Friday.

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop told Pocket-lint that there are no confirmed plans for when we will see a Windows Phone 7 smartphone from its partnership with Microsoft, although he also hinted that we shouldn’t have to wait too long as they are expecting a quick rollout of the new hardware to suit a range of devices.

"Part of the unique relationship here is that we will help Microsoft go down scale," said Elop, confirming that Microsoft will loosen its strict hardware guidelines.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer added that the software giant has been working on making that happen since November, and that it really liked Nokia’s imaging strengths.

“High-end Nokia phones will be coming,” a spokesman further confirmed to Pocket-lint following the announced and comments from Ballmer and Elop.

“We will slowly rollout Windows Phone 7 devices growing the roadmaps as we go. We won’t see a lot handsets from day one. The technology will filter downwards.”