The Windows Phone 7 Nokia rumours have been intensified with both Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal running reports saying that Microsoft and the Finnish mobile manufacturer have been in talks.

The WSJ suggests that an announcement could be made on Friday at Nokia's event in London - at which Pocket-lint will be present.

The Bloomberg report states that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has held talks with his Microsoft counterpart, Steve Ballmer, about getting Windows Phone 7 onto Nokia's handsets.

Google is also mentioned in both reports (HTC has both Android and WP7 devices remember) although it is believed that talks between Elop and Eric Schmidt were unsuccessful - although the WSJ suggests a deal could still be on the cards.

That isn't all that is likely though, as Google VP of engineering Vic Gundotra stuck the boot into Nokia and Microsoft via Twitter on Wednesday when he tweeted: "Two turkeys do not make an Eagle" with a hashtag hinting at Nokia's 11 February event.

The WSJ report also suggests that Elop could initiate a major revamp of the Nokia board, with senior staff only likely to find out if they've been axed 1 day ahead of the big London gathering.

Elop was pretty emotional and up front in his leaked memo - it's clear that he is not simply sticking his head in the sand whilst Nokia goes through some pretty troubling times. Whether the newly appointed boss can save the ailing giant remains to be seen though.

Make sure you check back on Pocket-lint on Friday for all the Nokia news, live from the event.

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