This one is being widely reported, so we thought we'd better bring you the news just in case - a Windows Phone 7 update is being touted for a 7 February touch down.

The date is based on reports from "a number of French sites", according to Winrumours - although the date seems a week out to us - surely it is more likely for Microsoft to drop the codenamed NoDo update when Steve Ballmer hits Barcelona for MWC?

Whatever the actual date proves to be; 7 February, or 7 days later on the 14th, one thing is for sure - WP7 users are going to be able to copy and paste to their heart's content. Cutting edge stuff, we're sure you'll all agree.

More excitingly, Microsoft has also revealed that the updates will mean apps and games getting faster start up times and the Marketplace is also going to get more streamlined. 

Updates will automatically be notified to you on your WP7 display, so make sure that you're paying attention on 7 February.

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