It's been busy times here at Pocket-lint since Windows Phone 7 was launched. The minute the starting gun went off, we had our team on the ground snapping real life shots and getting their paws capacitive-screen deep in all the phones and the software.

So, while we await the final word from the review masters and the white smoke to come out of the roof of the Pocket-lint labs, here is a full run down on exactly what each of these mobile phones looks like in the flesh and what our first thoughts have been.

If you're looking for the HTC 7 Pro, nobody has managed to get paws on one just yet as its release date is a little later than all the rest. As for the LG Quantum and HTC Surround, the latter is a US-only launch and the UK version of the former, the LG Optimus 7Q, hasn't been confirmed over here either.

The key here is the ability to enjoy the best of both worlds. If Dell can convince BlackBerry Bold or Curve owners to upgrade to this rather than the BlackBerry Torch then Microsoft might be on to something, after all most BlackBerry users, we believe, would probably be happier with that route than going "Google". For a business handset the design is sharp, the built quality looks good based on what we saw, and that Gorilla Glass is ready to take a beating. The only real issue is whether you are prepared to have something that large in your pocket. PREVIEW / PHOTOS / vs LG Quantum & HTC 7 Pro

The HTC HD7 is the big daddy of the Windows Phone 7 crowd playing heavily on that big screen and the usual fantastic build quality of HTC. To put it simply you aren't going to be buying into a phone that will be crapping out on you in 6 months time. If you were impressed by the HD2, or have one, and feel that it's time to shed Windows Mobile 6.5 (we can't believe you've been that loyal) this is the perfect upgrade. PREVIEW / PHOTOS / vs OMNIA 7

First impressions of the HTC 7 Trophy are good, but we find ourselves drawn in opposite directions to the size of the HD7 and the looks of the Mozart. All that might be irrelevant if you are a happy Vodafone customer, as this would be your only HTC option - so your choice would really be between HTC and the LG Optimus 7. PREVIEW / PHOTOS

With all the announced Windows Phones coming with similar spec, we expect the experience to be very similar. The real battle will not be within the Windows Phone offering, but against rival devices. So, can the HTC 7 Mozart stand up against the likes of the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone, all in Orange’s portfolio? Things look extremely positive. PREVIEW / PHOTOS

LG has created a handset that stands out enough from the crowd and offers something different from the likes of Samsung and HTC. Is that enough to make this phone go above and beyond everything else on the market? With only a brief play it is far too early to say, and if you read otherwise elsewhere on the web they are double, if not triple guessing at this stage. However what we can say, is that we like what we see. This isn't one to avoid, but one you should take a closer look at if you are interested in Windows Phone 7 and Vodafone as a network (its exclusive to Vodafone in the UK). PREVIEW / PHOTOS

Aside from the attempts by the UK operators involved to give you extra, the Samsung Omnia 7 appears, based on our play with all the handsets, to be the most straight-forward. While LG offers DLNA support and Augmented Reality apps, and HTC brings Dolby Mobile and photo enhanced features, aside from the screen there is nothing here above and beyond all the other handsets. PREVIEW / PHOTOS

Now that you've had a better look at exactly what all of these phones are about, you can check out which mobile operators in the US and UK will be carrying them and what they're going to cost you to own.

The application front is also worth paying attention to as far as Windows Phone 7 goes. We had the troops tracking down the big players in the mobile mini software field to find out just who's joining the Microsoft party and who isn't. Skype, eBay, Amazon, Angry Birds - are your favourites on board?

Finally, if you're wondering what all the fuss is about or would just like to know more about Windows Phone 7, having checked out a few of these mobile machines, then make sure to read everything you need to know about Windows Phone 7 and five reasons why you might want to switch to it.