Put this one down as a mystery still yet to be unravelled.

It's being reported that Microsoft's UK head of marketing for mobile service in the UK, Oded Ran, tweeted:

"Daily #WP7 ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm glad to confirm that Mac users would be able to Zune on their Macs to sync with #WP7. More details soon."

The tweet, which was date stamped as 9.35pm on 12 October, has now disappeared though - meaning one of two things. Either Ran was wrong, or he was a little early with his public announcement.

We'll take a punt on the latter.

Mac users have been calling for a Zune client for ages now, and with Windows Phone 7 now upon us, it makes sense for Microsoft to provide one. After all, just because someone doesn't fancy using a PC with Windows, it doesn't mean they won't be wooed by the lure of some tile and hub action on WP7.

Zune software is needed to sync media with WP7 devices, so unless Microsoft were planning a separate patch or an app for Mac users, a Mac based Zune client was inevitable.

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