Wondering who Windows Phone 7 handsets are aimed at? Thought you were, well it seems the answer is people who shop at Tesco. 

While there were nods to Twitter and Facebook at the UK launch event, the key app wheeled out on stage at the ICA in London - in order to show you what you could do with your brand spanking new Windows Phone 7 smartphone - wasn't some hip and upcoming start-up, based in New York, or some social networking app currently getting all the buzz. It was a Tesco shopping app that lets you do all your shopping on the move. 

Is Microsoft showing that it can be cute and cuddly? Does it believe that Waitrose has the iPhone market already sewn up, or does it believe that Sainsbury's shoppers are big Android users and therefore untouchable?

It's an interesting marketing play for sure. 

Other apps shown at the UK launch included a train time app; giving you the latest train times, relevant to you, wherever you are; IMDB - the online movie database, eBAY for snapping up those auctions you are bidding on when you're on the move, MSN Celebrity for all your celebrity news, and a Snow and Rock shopping app amongst a few others. 

Oded Ran, one of Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 big cheeses in the UK, told Pocket-lint that it was very proud of the Tesco app. 

Ran, however, refused to be drawn on the recent rumours that there would be 2000 apps for the Windows Phone 7 release date, instead saying that the choice of apps available on day one was all about quality not quantity. 

He did confirm one thing however, that although the developer tools to make the apps had been downloaded over 500,000 times, we shouldn't expect 500,000 apps on day one. 

Tell us what you think about the new app and whether you think Windows Phone 7 is the mobile OS you want to use.