It's finally official - Windows Phone 7 is here, courtesy of handset manufacturers HTC, Samsung, LG and Dell. Thanks to Pocket-lint's intrepid news team, you've probably read all about the specs and stats, but will you be able to get a WP7 phone with your current network provider? To save you trawling the Internet for answers, we've put together a handy guide to tell you which operator will be offering which phone, whether you're in the UK or in the US.

Boasting a monster 4.3-inch screen, the HTC HD7 is the Taiwanese brand's flagship WP7 phone and will be exclusive to O2 in the UK. Along with a kick stand for easy video watching, the HD7 sports 16GB of storage and, like all of HTC's other new phones, is equipped with Xbox Live and Zune.

The musical-sounding HTC 7 Mozart, which although touted as a phone for music lovers actually sports a very impressive 8-megapixel camera, will only be available with Orange in the UK. The mobile phone carrier will also be offering Samsung's Omnia 7, with is equipped with a generous 4-inch screen.

The Samsung Omnia 7 will be on offer from T-Mobile from 21 October 2010. It will be available for free on plans from £35 a month on a 24-month contract.

Completing HTC's UK exclusivity deals is the Trophy which will only be an option for those on Vodafone. The mobile operator is banking on competitive pricing to help it sell the Trophy, which will be available on a 2-year contract with 300 minutes, unlimited text messages, and 500MB of data for free. All this for only £25 a month - the same as the HTC Legend.

Vodafone will also be offering the LG Optimus 7, which benefits from a DLNA multimedia sharing platform and voice-to-text transcribing for emails and social networking updates. It will be available for free on a 24-month price plan at £30 per month, including 600 minutes, unlimited texts and 500MB of mobile data.

Three has confirmed that it will be offering the the Samsung Omnia 7 in black on the the One Plan for £40, the Internet Texter 900 for £38 and the Internet Texter 50 for £35 per month.

The HTC Surround 7 won't be available in the UK. The HTC 7 Pro will be available in the UK and although operators have yet to be confirmed, HTC told Pocket-lint that it won't be an exclusive.

The Dell Revue Pro will be available in the UK, although no operator has been confirmed yet.

It's no surprise that the main selling point of the HTC 7 Surround is its sound capabilities. Sporting a slide-out speaker, the handset will be available exclusively with AT&T in the US, although it will be dropping the 7 and going by the simplified HTC Surround moniker instead.

AT&T will also be offering the Samsung Focus (known as the Omnia 7 in the UK) which sports an impressive 4-inch Super AMOLED screen, rather than the LCD technology offered by most other brands. The carrier will also have the LG Quantum (the US version of the LG Optimus 7Q) which is similar to the Optimus 7, but with a slightly varied design and a smaller screen. Along with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, it also packs DLNA connectivity

HTC's 4.3-inch flagship handset - the HD7 - will be exclusive to T-Mobile in the US, as will the Dell Venue Pro. Boasting a similar design to its Android-based brother, the Dell Thunder, the Venue Pro is equipped with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard along with a relatively large 4.1-inch display. The phone is the second from the new crop to make use of AMOLED technology for its screen.

Although the UK will see the HTC 7 Pro in 2010, our American cousins will have to wait until 2011 when the handsets will be available with Sprint. This is the business option among the new phones, sporting a slide-and-tilt QWERTY keyboard, along with a decently sized 1500mAh battery to make sure that you get a full day's work out of it.

There are no plans to launch the Trophy or the Mozart in the US yet.

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