Steve Ballmer, Microsoft's CEO, has said that we will be getting a batch of Windows powered tablets in time for Christmas.

The comments, made at a talk at the London School of Economics in London on Tuesday, come as the company prepares to launch its new mobile phone operating system:

“We as a company will need to cover all form factors. We have done work around the tablet as a productivity device and a consumption device… You’ll see slates with Windows on them, you’ll see them this Christmas, you’ll see them continue to change and evolve… Right now we have got to get back seriously into the game of phones.”

The news comes as sources suggest that Monday's announcement will be more than just a phone OS launch, with Microsoft planning on unwrapping its slate strategy next Monday at a press event in New York City.

According to sources familiar with the company's plans, claims that Microsoft will hint at its future slate plans at the event on 11 October.

The event's main focus is Windows Phone 7, but Neowin understands that Microsoft officials will speak briefly about the company's future slate plans.

Whether the offering will be Windows Phone 7 powered, or just Windows 7 is yet unknown.

Pocket-lint will be at the event on the 11 October bringing you all the news as it happens.