Microsoft has told Pocket-lint that it's Zune PC software will be the software hub for Windows Phone 7 handsets when they launch in the next couple of weeks.

The new Zune software, which will be updated to version 4.7, will be available to download for free for PC users.

Once installed, like Apple's iTunes, it will be the central point of reference for syncing and managing Windows Phone 7 smartphones.

There will not be a Mac version of the software available Microsoft has confirmed to Pocket-lint in a one-to-one briefing.

"Mac users can do everything with the phone but you will need to use a PC to upgrade the phone's software or sync it your music and video library with your computer," Alex Reeve, head of Microsoft's mobile division in the UK confirmed to Pocket-lint.

The new software will launch in time for the global rollout of the new operating system from Microsoft - expected in October - and has been upgraded with new features and functionality and will serve as the Windows Phone 7 synchronization client say Microsoft.

"The new software (version 4.7) will be available for download for free to easily manage your personal collection of movies, music, pictures, podcasts and applications."

The updated Zune Software will also enable instant streaming of high-definition movies, allowing you to watch some Zune Marketplace movies in HD, with no download time, directly on a Windows PC.

No exact date, but with sources confirming exclusively to Pocket-lint that an announcement about Windows Phone 7 will be coming on 11 October we shouldn't have too long to wait.