Windows Phone 7 isn't out yet, however that doesn't mean developers can't start getting to work on the apps that will populate the Windows Phone 7 App store from day 1.

Here we showcase what we think are the best Windows Phone 7 apps we've seen in development so far.

It's worth pointing out that we know this isn't a definitive list, nor does it cover all the apps in development, but it's a good start, and, if they all make the grade and are ready in time, Microsoft should have plenty to shout about.

Even better, it means that if you are going to embrace Windows Phone 7, you'll have plenty of apps to keep you busy and entertained.

Seesmic for Windows Phone 7

This will bring the Seesmic experience on Windows Phone 7 and lets you gather in your Twitter, Facebook, and the thousand other social networks into one application.

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You'll be able to do all the usual things, plus it will work seamlessly with the Windows 7 and Mac versions of the software. Where it takes things one step further is full integration of other services in the phone like Bing maps.

There isn't an integrated Twitter support in Windows Phone 7 from day 1, but that doesn't mean that there won't be Twitter apps to tweet from. If Seesmic isn't your cup of tea, one alternative will be Twozaic that offers a more simplified Twitter experience judging from the demo pictures. 

best windows phone 7 apps and games in development image 4

The most interesting element to the app will be the "Cloud view" that shows 20 tweets in a mosaic layout, with 3 levels of importance, currently based on the number of followers and favourites.

There might be plenty of talk about Facebook Places, but Foursquare is still popular, and still getting plenty of check-ins. Come Windows Phone 7 launch day you'll be able to check-in via your Windows Phone 7 phone thanks to the Foursquare Windows Phone 7 app.

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It will come with Bing maps integration, all the usual Foursquare features and make checking-in something pretty easy to do. You'll even get directions of how to find your friends nearby.

How much do you like comic books? If it's a lot then this is going to be the app that you'll want to look out for come launch day.

Get Microsoft Silverlight lets you carry your favourite comics, buy comics and of course read comics on your new phone. The interface is all very Windows Phone 7, but also very comic book friendly allowing you to select your comic, and touch to read swiping through the pages.

You'll be able to deep zoom into the images, and even comment on individual images to share with other friends.

Netflix for Windows Phone 7

One for our American friends, but Netflix will let you stream movies and television shows over the air directly to your Windows Phone 7 handset to watch, as long as you've got Wi-Fi access.

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If you're a member, that means never having nothing to watch on the go. That's pretty impressive.

We know you like a good music track as much as the rest of us, and have no doubt seen Shazam working on an iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device.

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Thankfully Shazam is in development for Windows Phone 7, meaning if you switch to the new Microsoft mobile OS you'll still be able to find out what that track is in the background.

Judging by most of the leaked hardware doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment, all the launch phones are going to come with 8-megapixel cameras. That means plenty of potential when it comes to snapping shots on the go. But what do you do when it comes to sharing those images.

One Windows Phone 7 app in development is the Flickr Uploader that will let you upload images directly to Flickr to share with your friends.

It's simple, but will it let you share that picture of the weird dude sitting opposite you in the restaurant wearing a tea cosy on his head?

Do you play golf? Thought you did. Then you'll probably want to get the USGA golf app for Windows Phone 7, if it makes it to the App store.

Created by Microsoft's Jeff Arnold, Lead motion designer for Windows Phone 7, the app shows what is possible for golfers who've got a Windows Phone 7 phone. The app lists virtually all the golf courses of America and then based on that choice will give you all the details of the course you are about to play.

This isn't a game mind you, but an aid to the course you are about to play in real life.

The app tracks players you've played against in the past, lets you step up new players and basically track all your shots, how you did, what your scorecard looks like out on the course using the phone, data in the app, and your GPS location. It will be time to ditch the pencil.

An incredibly simple app that will let you create shortcuts to six phone numbers on a single screen, allowing you to touch the relating button to phone them.

TouchCall app for Windows Phone 7 from Guillaume Andre on Vimeo.

If it sounds simple, that's because it is, but who said apps had to be confusing.

There are over 63 games available for Windows Phone 7, and the Halo Waypoint Windows Phone 7 app will act as a hub for all things Halo on your phone.

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According to Microsoft, Halo fans will want it because you'll be able to get videos, comics, news, and plenty of other stuff on your phone on the go.

Set in the world of Crackdown 2, you've got to fight off zombies using towers to defend your pile.

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The interesting thing here is that you can use Bing maps to actually defend certain places in particular; like your house, your office, or your favourite pub.

This look like one for the Gordon Gekko fans of this world, bringing you all the stock market data that you could want using the Yahoo's Stock tracker service.

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The app will let you drill down to get more information, graphs and company news while also giving you an overview on the world's biggest markets while you're at the country club sipping a gin and tonic.

If you're training for a marathon or just like running this is going to be an app to put on your list. Using the GPS on board in the camera, it will help track your run so you can keep an eye on your training.

The software lets you set goals, will map your course and give you announcements to whether you are ahead or behind your target time. You'll even be able to run against yourself thanks to a ghost mode.


Have you seen a really good Windows Phone 7 app you've seen that we haven't included. Let us know in the comments below.