Now Microsoft, it seems, is leaking Windows Phone 7 handsets.

The company's Netherlands branch has Tweeted an image of the LG handset with the following words:

"Stikjaloers op #jacquelines. Verschil moet er zijn ;- )

In English, according to the translate button on Twitter for iPhone, that becomes:

"#jacquelines jealous. Diversity ;-)"

The picture link follows through to an image of a yet announced smartphone from LG called the LG E900 - the expected European version of the LG C900, that's either going to be the LG Pacific or LG Optimus 7, according to certain circles.

What Pocket-lint can tell from the image is that there will be a panorama mode and some kind of media link app option as well.

Furthermore, the phone is running on Vodafone, and while WindowsPhoneNL has since confirmed that the network element is just a test connection, it's interesting to see that specific provider looking to build dedicated apps to access its 360 offering.

It's also clear from the logo at the bottom of the handset that the two other "required" buttons will be hidden, presumably to be enabled by touching on the screen.

We will keep you posted.