We've heard rumblings that Windows Phone 7 would be getting an October launch in the UK and now we are hearing that it will be an "early October" launch party for the new operating system from Microsoft. 

According to our man on the inside of a large electronics firm, the software giant will release the new OS and a bevy of handsets from Asus, Dell, HTC, LG and Samsung in early October.

"I'm told WP7 will be announced officially in early October. The exact date will have to come from Microsoft", our source has told us.

At the moment Microsoft is only on record as saying "Holidays" when it comes to pinning them down on a specific date.

Our source's comments fit perfectly with Microsoft's COO, Kevin Turner at the beginning of August.

Talking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference during the middle of July - a speech that gained some notoriety because Tuner suggested that the iPhone 4 could be Apple's Vista - the Microsoft boss also mentioned a release period of October for Europe and a month later for the US, for Microsoft's next stab at the mobile OS game.