We know that Windows Phone 7 is coming, we just don't know exactly when.

But the rumours of an October launch have just been given some credibility as it has emerged that Microsoft's COO, Kevin Turner, has spilled the beans on the official release time-frames during his recent presentation on the new phone OS.

Talking at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference during the middle of July - a speech that gained some notoriety because Tuner suggested that the iPhone 4 could be Apple's Vista - the Microsoft boss also mentioned a release period of October for Europe and a month later for the US, for Microsoft's next stab at the mobile OS game.

So, it looks like an October release, although Pocket-lint hasn't heard anything since the presentation to confirm this.

Keep your eyes glued to the site though. We're very excited by Windows 7 Phone and we'll be bringing you all of the details about the launch as and when they break.