We know, we know. You are struggling to contain the excitement you have for Windows Phone 7 and you want the handset now - like really now.

Aside from miraculously becoming a tier 1 Windows Phone 7 developer over night or joining Microsoft, there is another way, trouble is, it just doesn't do much. Like nothing at all.

You might have guessed by now that it's actually a paper prototype so you can pretend to have a Windows Phone 7 handset rather than the actual real deal.

With virtually zero hardware details on the Internet of any of the launch devices, Hakan Reis, who has created the mockup has, he admits, had to do some guess work based on what is out there.

"So I started out a little quest to find some data around the phone and what dimensions you could expect", Reis explains. "Searching around web brought very little technical specifications, but you know a few facts: It’s going to be 480 x 800 pixels, and 16:9 form factor on the screen. So I did a couple of educated guesses and assumed a 3.8-inch screen. Interesting enough, this told me that it actually is going to have a whopping 240dpi resolution, that's close to an old laser printer, and in full color - amazing".

Taking those measurements and a skin from the emulator as a base, Reis has created the prototype so you can start pretending today rather than having to wait 'till the end of the year.

"A few minutes later I found myself creating a cut-out paper prototype you see to the right here", Reis says of the paper model.

To make it a bit more interactive Reis suggests the following:

"If you like you can cut out some slits and do a left/right and a top/bottom sliding version. That way you can even use it to user test panoramic and pivot applications as well as that big sliding home screen".

You can download a range of pdfs to suit your printer from Reis' website.