Microsoft has spilled the beans on a companion site service for Windows Phone 7 that looks like an attempt at emulating the success of Apple's MobileMe. Except for one major difference - Microsoft's offering will not cost Windows Phone 7 customers a penny.

Windows Phone live will offer a central location for all of your pictures, your calendar, your contacts and you'll also be able to exchange and access OneNote and other files between your phone and your PC.

There will also be access to store 25GB worth of data on Microsoft's SkyDrive cloud based storage system and, just like the updated MobileMe, there will also be a Find my Phone service where you'll be able to locate, loud ring, lock or wipe any Windows Phone 7 device that has gone missing.

The news comes just a day after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer signalled that Windows Phone 7 was a major launch for the Redmond based giant after missing out with previous Windows phone operating systems. He said:

"On the phone side we missed a generation with Windows Mobile. We really did miss almost a release cycle, but Windows Phone 7 which we had a chance to début at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year has received really quite remarkable reviews".

Windows Phone 7 devices are due in the Autumn and we already know that HTC, Dell and LG are planning on releasing handsets.

Are you excited by Windows Phone 7? Is Microsoft on course for a successful mobile comeback? Give us your opinions below.