Microsoft has outlined a number of new elements for Windows Phone 7 at its MIX10 event in Las Vegas, which includes new info that builds on the Windows Phone 7 Series news already released at Mobile World Congress in February.

Demoing new features for the new phone OS, the operating system will use Microsoft's Silverlight video technology. Developers will be able to have control over the accelerometer, location services, an always on notification service and a multitouch experience for the touchscreen display. There will also be camera and microphone support as well, however Microsoft has also confirmed that there will not be support for resistive touchscreens.

Microsoft also showed how developers and designers will be able to bring applications and games to market with a new Windows Phone Marketplace. The Marketplace features a panoramic design and active merchandising to increase the discoverability of games and applications, and supports one-time credit card purchases, mobile operator billing and advertising-funded applications.

The platform appears to have a lot of support with leading companies such EA, Foursquare,, Sling Media, Shazam, and Namco creating applications and games for Windows Phone 7 Series.

microsoft windows phone 7 series developer details detailed image 2

Apps demoed included a new App from Associated Press to show latest news, and an application called Hush Hush that used Silverlight to create a journal to record notes and thoughts. 

Other new features not demoed before include a button within the calendar feature, that allows you to email those also in the meeting to say that you are running late. 

Microsoft has also confirmed that third party apps will be stored within the dedicated hub, rather than being lost on a page somewhere in the phone. Photo apps will go in the picture hub, whilst music apps like Shazam will live in the Music and Video hub. 

Other apps included one from Netflix that lets you watch movies or TV shows via the service straight on the phone.

In an attempt to lure developers, Microsoft has said that the Windows Phone 7 Series dev tools will be free compared to Apple's $99 starting fee, however you will need to pay $99 to have your apps available in the Microsoft Marketplace.

"We've tried to make them easier to use", said Microsoft.

In other Microsoft news, the company has announced the release of Silverlight 4, which amongst other things will let people with multiple screens watch full screen video.