The first few photos of Microsoft's "Project Pink" handset have found their way onto the Web. Like every spy shot ever, they're blurry and free of detail, but appear to depict a landscape QWERTY slider with an interesting black and green colour scheme. From the looks of the menus, it has plenty of social networking functionality, and a camera with a flash.

A source in contact with Gizmodo told the US tech blog that the handset was intuitive to use, "better than Android" and the animations had a lot in common with Windows Phone 7. There's a download screen for apps which doesn't have any apps yet, though it could tie in to the Windows Phone 7 marketplace.

This is the "Pure", as opposed to the "Turtle", but it seems that the Pure will also be coming to Verizon in the USA. Launch is set for sometime around May in the States but there's no word on when - or indeed "if", if the same strategy is applied as was applied to the Zune - the handset might make it to Britain. If they do make it out of the states, they could be called the "Pride" and "Lion", if leaked codenames are accurate.