Further details have surfaced about Microsoft's newly announced Windows Phone 7 Series, thanks to a podcast from two Microsoft Australia employees.

In the weekly show called Frankly Speaking, Michael Kordahi and Andrew Coates from Microsoft Australia give a weekly update on the tech goings-on in the world with a special focus on Australia and Microsoft.

What's special about this week's show is that they talk about Microsoft's new operating system for mobile phones, first launched at Mobile World Congress, and about the hardware specifics being set out by the chaps at Redmond.

According to the part fact, part predicted comment, the two state there is likely to be three chassis designs (compared to the 45 for Windows Mobile) allowed for new handsets hoping to offer Windows Phone 7 Series.

Chassis one will have specs that mean any handset will have to feature a big touchscreen, a 1GHz processor (presumably Snapdragon) and a dedicated graphics chip to cope with all that movement on-screen.

Chassis two will be phones that are allowed to feature a pull-out QWERTY keyboard, while chassis three, which is yet to be confirmed, is likely to be a candybar design.

The duo, having possibly outlined Microsoft's stringent hardware approach to the new OS ahead of schedule, also imply that only chassis one will be available for launch later this year, suggesting that the reference model shown by Microsoft for the demos at Mobile World Congress (pictured above) could be more in line with what we will see towards the end of the year.

We will keep you posted.