At a recent shareholders meeting Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer told attendees that "Windows 7 is simply the best PC operating system that we or anyone else has ever built".

As part of his opening speech Ballmer stated that the new OS was off to a "fantastic start" revealing that Microsoft has "already sold twice as many units as any OS in a comparable time frame".

At the event, on the defence after a shareholder commented on the popularity of Mac among younger users, Ballmer noted that "96 times out of 100, worldwide, people choose a PC with Windows" before calling Macs "quite a bit more expensive", a theme of a recent Microsoft ad campaign.

Finally, responding to a question about the iPhone's challenge to the Windows Phone market, Ballmer said: "Certainly our objective is to have the leading position. I think we have a lot of opportunity to improve... Undoubtedly we've got our work cut out for us".

"We've got our heads down to do our best", Ballmer said of the smartphone market, revealing the company has a "a lot of smart people" working on the topic.