If you think ditching the headphone jack on modern smartphones is bad, the Meizu Zero takes it to another level.

The "world's first holeless" handset is available for pre-order as part of a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and not only gets rid of the 3.5mm port, it dispenses with USB, speakers and even an earpiece. There are no volume or power buttons either.

There's no notch or in-display camera - just a small strap at the top of the front that houses a 20-megapixel selfie snapper. Indeed, it's only the rear that apes a general smartphone, as it sports a visible dual-camera unit.

Apart from that, it's a smooth, seamlessly designed phone.

MeizuMeizu Zero smartphone has no ports speakers SIM-slots or buttons image 2

The Zero relies mainly on wireless and electronic tech to replace conventional charging and connectivity.

It is an eSIM-only handset, so doesn't require a SIM slot. And it can only be charged wirelessly. It has support for 18W fast charging, so some might say that's better anyway.

Perhaps the most creative addition is the use of piezoelectric transducers and the screen for audio. With no speaker grilles, the phone vibrates parts of the display for either loud speaker or just earpiece audio.

We presume the same technology is used for the microphone input.

As for the lack of buttons, there is an in-display fingerprint sensor and capacitive sensors on the edge of the phone that can power it on and change the volume.

An "Exclusive Engineer Unit" of the Meizu Zero is listed on Indiegogo for $1,299 (£990). With 100 units available for an estimated delivery in April. There is no word yet on a more widely available consumer unit.

We also hope to find out more during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.