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(Pocket-lint) - There's a bit of a battle going on for domination in owning the affordable 5G market. Qualcomm had already announced its Snapdragon 690 - and now MediaTek has revealed its rival, the Dimensity 720, due for imminent launch.

Although no devices currently house the Dimensity 720, it's expected that a variety of affordable phones will begin to appear from the third quarter of 2020. And affordable is the word: this chipset is all about bringing 5G connectivity speeds to non-flagship phones, enabling greater affordability.

The 720 integrates a 5G modem into the chip, along with all the other components to manage graphics processing, image processing, artificial intelligence, and so on.

MediaTek has highlighted some of the capabilities that the 720 will enable. It can support devices with refresh rates of 90Hz - which is the standard for many current flagship devices, so there's nothing half-baked about the potential by the sounds of it.

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Such screens will also be able to deliver high dynamic range, including HDR10+ content - so the frame-by-frame metadata that depicts the image will be occurring in real-time - for the best balance of peak brightness and low-end blacks.

Camera support up to 64-megapixels means that even ultra-high resolution offerings with oversampling features will also be a staple of even affordable devices. Multiple cameras are also supported, although not to that resolution if being used in tandem (it's 20+16MP max for a dual setup).

We'll await to see which brands will deploy MediaTek's chipset in their devices in the coming months. It'll bring the fight to Qualcomm to see whether Snapdragon can withstand Dimensity's challenge - and keep the 5G market diverse and affordable for consumers as a result.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Editing by Adrian Willings. Originally published on 23 July 2020.