LG has announced an all out assault on the smartphone market with Windows Mobile 6.5 at helm - at least to begin with. The Korean company has promised 13 LG branded handsets before 2010 and three with the aforementioned mobile OS in the coming weeks.

Pictured is what looks to be the LG GW550 but the model launched this morning is the all touch screen LG GM750 which will be out in Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Spain and the UK on Vodafone and in France on SFR from 6 October. It has a 3-inch screen, supports Wi-Fi, HSDPA, GPS and will synch with your calendars and e-mail accounts as all smartphones should. There's also a 5-megapixel camera on the back for a decent level of snap.

The next two phones will be a QWERTY bar and a touchslider with QWERTY. All the handsets coming will feature LG's 3D S-Class interface as a support for WinMob and will range from the affordable to the premium.