Orange has announced the UK pricing for the LG GD910 - better known as the "Watchphone". The network will - for a limited time - be selling it for £500.

As previously reported, the wristwatch/phone hybrid will be on sale in August, but we now know an even more specific date - 27 August. That's when you'll first be able to get your hands on it - though you'll need to visit London. It'll go on sale at Orange's Bond Street Station shop.

The GD910 has a touchscreen, 3G, built-in epaker and MP3 player. It's also got voice commands, a "VGA" camera and bluetooth, so you can use it with a handsfree kit. Eight different watch faces are available.

Orange's Director of Devices, Francois Mahieu said in a statement: "The LG Touchscreen Watchphone is one of several 'future phones' we're bringing to UK consumers this year. Being handmade, the device really is highly original and exclusively limited said Orange.