We brought you news of LG's GD900 with a see-thru keypad from the Mobile World Congress event in February and now we have more information on the new phone.

Ahead of its CTIA Wireless appearance in Las Vegas this week LG has released more details about the unusual mobile.

Claiming to offer consumers "a new touch interaction experience", the GD900 will feature a 3-inch full touchscreen and that transparent touchpad which supports both "finger-writing recognition" and haptic feedback.

The touchpad will offer "multi touch" with such applications as zooming in and out of web pages and "gesture shortcut" that will let users set up shortcuts with a simple gesture of a finger.

As an example of this intriguing-sounding functionality LG says users can write an "M" on the touchpad and configure this command to run the phone's music player.

In addition, there's the "touch wheel" function that LG says will make it easy to pause, play and rewind multimedia clips with the "swirl" of a finger.

Further details will be revealed at launch in May and we'll be sure to bring you more then.