LG and Microsoft have announced an "expanded alliance to dramatically increase the number of LG phones running Windows".

LG has now said it will make Windows its "primary" operating system for its smartphones and will increase both the number of Windows phones in its portfolio and the total volume of Windows phones it distributes.

The company says this will create a tenfold increase in the volume of Windows phones available from LG in 2009 and bring as many as 26 new mobiles to market in 2012 alone. Overall, the agreement can result in more than 50 new LG Windows phones.

"New LG phones running Windows will take advantage of the excitement in this dynamically growing market", said Yong Nam, vice chairman and chief executive officer, LG Electronics.

"The Windows platform brings flexible and customer-friendly software that ties into the Web and the PC, giving our phones a wide range of new capabilities to address an increasing number of segments and markets".