LG has followed up the launch of the 8MP "Renoir" with the LG-KP500, with the boast that its unreleased price tag will make it the most affordable full touchscreen handset in the UK.

The company says that "despite its low price tag, this attractive phone has the latest touch technology and features normally found in high-end handsets".

With not a whole lot of info released at this stage, the phone is described as "slim and lightweight, with a chic black casing and sleek titanium rim".

Unlike most high-end touchscreen phones on the market that work with finger touch input, the LG-KP500 gets an embedded stylus concealed in its base.

What has been revealed is the phone's accelerometer, allowing for motion sensitive games, while the QWERTY on-screen keyboard slides into view when the LG-KP500 is held horizontally, and the auto rotating display shifts images or documents.

The LG KP500 will be available at the end of October 2008. That "affordable" pricing will be announced at launch.