We've brought you news of the LG KC910 previously but can now confirm that the October launch date includes the UK too, where the phone will be available with multiple (as yet unnamed) operators on a contract-only basis.

LG is touting the KC910 - the "pet name" of which is the "Renoir" as the world's first (and incidentally slimmest) 8-megapixel multimedia phone with a full touchscreen interface.

The LG-KC910 is also notable for being the first handset to include Dolby Mobile, an integrated suite of audio processing technologies which claims to bring clean, powerful bass to the music listening experience.

The camera gets xenon flash, image stabiliser, auto-focus, manual focus, face tracking, smile shot and blink detection, can record vid from 5fps to 12fps and plays DivX and Xvid. In addition, there's GPS, the "jogging buddy" sports feature, Wi-Fi and full fat 3G HSDPA.

Speaking at the UK launch event for the device, John Barton of LG said: "This has a great interface and has a lot of features that supersede other devices, and offers something other than just a brand".

We'll bring you more when the operator announcements hit nearer that October debut date.