Complaints have been received by the Advertising Standards Agency over a phone ad.

The TV ad for an LG mobile phone has now been banned after the ad watchdog upheld 33 complaints.

Members of the public raised concerns that the advert could encourage dangerous behaviour by condoning the use of mobile phones while driving, says The Guardian.

The ad had been given the go-ahead by the advertising clearance centre, Clearcast, because it argued that the woman's hands were clearly on the steering wheel before and after a cut-away shot to the phone.

The sequence showed the woman imagining other scenarios she could be in instead of stuck in a traffic jam.

However, the ASA ruled that the sequences of images of the woman in the car before and after using the phone suggested that she had actually been using it during driving.

LG argued that this was not the intention, but the watchdog has nevertheless now ruled the ad in breach of the broadcasting code's clause on health and safety.

It warned LG not to repeat this sort of sequence in future ads.