LG has launched its third black series handset in the UK today.

The new model, called the LG Secret (KF750), will follow on from the company's Chocolate and Shine handsets. According to the company the new phone is "specifically developed to satisfy the refined tastes of trendsetters who desire a sophisticatedly designed, yet durable handset".

The LG Secret will be 11.8mm thick and come with HSDPA and Bluetooth connectivity, and feature a 5 megapixel camera.

LG has opted to use carbon fibre rather than metal for its casing and 2.4-inch tempered glass for the screen.

Following Apple's lead with the iPhone, the LG Secret will feature a motion sensor for gaming allowing you to control games with movements of the phone rather than relying on hardware controls.

The LG Secret boasts the ability to take video at 120 frames per second and DivX certified recording as well as the ability to open Microsoft documents.

The handset is also loaded with a Google package that enables the user to surf the Internet, log into Gmail, use Google Maps and watch YouTube videos.

Like the company's Viewty handset, users will be able to edit photo and video editing including facial editing and SmartLight, a feature that automatically adjusts the picture’s light settings. Users can also create their own music videos using the phone’s Movie Maker software.

After its European launch next month, the LG Secret will be launched in Asia and South America, followed by the rest of the world.