LG has officially launched the LG-KF700 that we brought you news of back in February.

A new multimedia phone, the KF700 combines three input methods to create what the company says is "an amazingly intuitive user interface" with instant access to features.

The first phone to integrate three separate input methods, there's a 3-inch touchscreen, alpha-numeric keypad and "Shortcut Dial".

The touchscreen provides access to features and widgets, an adaptive on-screen interface and a wide aspect ratio that is designed for watching movies or browsing the Internet.

The Shortcut Dial on the back of the phone scrolls through six user-selected features by controlling a virtual dial on screen, eliminating the need to dig through menus. The Shortcut Dial can also be used to zoom in on webpages, scroll through emails or adjust volume.

The KF700 offers a fully featured web browser that provides full access to Google Search, Blogs, Gmail, Maps and Youtube with support for HSDPA 3G making browsing fast.

Other features include an MP3 player, MPEG4 video player, 3.0-megapixel camera, Bluetooth connectivity "and more".

The LG-KF700 is available in black and silver versions, as well as a black version with chrome accents. UK specific availability and pricing is yet to be announced.