LG is to target Europe in a bid to gain a larger share of the mobile handset market.

In a statement, the Korean manufacturer said that it wants to boost the number of mobile phones sold on the continent by more than a third, compared to last year.

It hopes that models such as the Viewty, infact its entire 3G phone line-up, will give it a 10% market share.

Overall, it aims to sell more than 13.5 million phones in Europe, compared with 9.8 million in 2007.

This latest target follows the announcement last month that LG was to aim to increase its global phone sales this year by about 25%, to 100 million handsets.

LG did not reveal its European market share, but, according to Reuters, its stake of the global market was 7% last year.

"This year's 3G market is expected to be 64% of all cell phone sales in Europe, compared with 34% last year", LG said in a statement.