AT&T and LG has jointly launched the LG Trax mobile, or as we should say, "cell" phone in the States.

Described as a sleek multipurpose clamshell device, as the name would suggest this is primarily a music moby.

Boasting "blazing-fast" 3G HSDPA data speeds and the stereo Bluetooth functionality this phone is designed for use with AT&T Mobile Music.

The Mobile Music service lets users access subscription music services such as Napster and eMusic and custom playlists can be created and managed in phone.

It also boasts Music ID song-recognition software, music videos and The Buzz music news portal.

The handset is MobiTV and is XM Radio Mobile-capable, so users can stream live TV and listen to digital radio too.

With the microSD Memory Port at full use, the phone boasts a 4GB capacity.

We'll hang on the for the Nokia N81 thanks...